Summerhawk Lakeside Cottage Rentals

most beautiful and serene lake views

"This is our 15th anniversary of our family vacationing here at the cabin!  There are the most beautiful and serene lake views, every year we look forward to spending our summer vacation here - we have the best memories.  We've had a great time and look forward to seeing you again next year!  Thank you!"

Positive Thought for the Day

Spirit to Spirit by David Thomas


Here's something to ponder: imagine yourself as a being that is free and full of potential, that can go anywhere it wants and do anything it wants, allowing itself to be put into a body that limits this being to experiencing life from an extremely narrow perspective and keeps it in one place at a time, though it can move about a bit. Its vision is limited, its hearing is limited, its movement is limited, its memory is limited. And this unlimited being has put itself into this body--has sacrificed all of its potential for a certain amount of time--in order to learn lessons about love and giving and letting go and being at peace.

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