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Spirit to Spirit by David Thomas


Here's something to ponder: imagine yourself as a being that is free and full of potential, that can go anywhere it wants and do anything it wants, allowing itself to be put into a body that limits this being to experiencing life from an extremely narrow perspective and keeps it in one place at a time, though it can move about a bit. Its vision is limited, its hearing is limited, its movement is limited, its memory is limited. And this unlimited being has put itself into this body--has sacrificed all of its potential for a certain amount of time--in order to learn lessons about love and giving and letting go and being at peace.

Well, you can stop imagining. That being is you. And that person next to you? That's another being who has done the same thing. The "jerk" who cut you off in traffic this morning? Yep--him, too.

And I congratulate you--you've come a long way! Since we got here on this planet, we've all had to try to learn the best we can, given the extremely limited nature of the human body, how to love one another and love ourselves and love life. And we've all done a pretty good job. Few of us have come close to our potential, but that's more a reflection of the limits of the human body and mind than it is of who we are as eternal, spiritual beings.

Think about it--what better way is there to learn than to put ourselves in situations in which we have many, many obstacles to overcome? If you knew that you had to learn as much as you can in a very short period of time, would you put yourself in a situation of privilege and plenty, or would you put yourself in a situation of need and deprivation? The experiences that we're going through as humans are experiences that are teaching us things that we need to learn, and that we've readily committed ourselves to learn.

And it's easy for us to get down on ourselves for not being "perfect" people. It's easy for us to berate ourselves for our mistakes in life. But those mistakes are the things that are helping us to learn more and to learn more quickly.

I think that some spirits have come here and have been overwhelmed by the experience, and they haven't been able to overcome the many fears that come with being human. They've allowed themselves to get caught up in and overwhelmed by those fears, and that has caused them to live very limited lives, lives of no risk and little growth--and they may have to come back for another go-round or two. Others have mastered the experience and have grown immensely, and they're going to move on from here to new experiences and new learning in completely different contexts.

But you? You've done a good job to get where you are, and congratulations are in order. You still have tons to learn--we all do, every day. I would encourage you to take those risks and to trust in the higher power that exists within us all (where is the Kingdom of Heaven?) so that you can continue to grow and learn and develop. And so that you can continue to spread love and peace and encouragement to others, for that's what this experience is all about. It simply can't be about anything else, can it?

It's easy for us to fall into the trap of saying, "I congratulate the spirit within you." But that's not accurate. You are spirit, and for a rather short period of time you're existing in a human body. But this body does not define you--it limits you, and that's okay--those limitations are helping us to learn. Your challenge is to be you, the spirit you, and be the best you that you possibly can be.

When you live as a spirit, there are so many things that you cannot do, such as hurt other people and hurt yourself. But I think that's a topic for next time. . . .