Summerhawk Lakeside Cottage Rentals

Observations from the Frozen North

Our Summerhawk Lakeside cottages perch on the very edge of Lake Wentworth, from the domiciles to the edge of the lake is but a few feet. Their views face the frozen expanse, dotted with coniferous tree loaded islands here and there, and framed with the Belknap mountains, purple against the azure sky in the distance to the west.

The brilliance of "Ol' Sol", finally heralded forth from the darkness and gloom of storm tossed, snow filled skies, illuminates and warms this scene, beneficially affecting the sub-zero temperatures that greeted the chilling sunrise. However, soon after the drapes of night retreated, Mariah, the blustering wind, awoke to the blinding sun and puffed herself up into frantic gusts of frozen, angry blusters which dramatically undulated across the snow covered ice, creating delightful snow patterns, accompanied by fascinating images of snow ghosts whirling in and out of the island dotted canvas.

The wind chimes, attached to the limb of a birch tree, just outside the bank of windows, sings it's cheerful tune conducted by the Maestro wind. The limbs of other nearby trees are individually dotted with flocks of finches, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, pileated woodpeckers and other year round feathered friends, each awaiting their turn on the wind blown, gyrating feeders. They suddenly crowd the feeders, all at once, a spiraling frenzy of feeding until the sassy blue jays show up and scare them away into a cloud of fluttering wings out over the lake.

I am seated at the end of the dining table in the front corner of the living area. This table butts up against the bank of windows that face the fascinating tableau of winter. As I sit here, comfortable and warm...... not even a foot from me, Mother Nature wields her winter magic, creating her masterpiece with wind, frost, snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. There are delicate frost covered branches on the deciduous trees. Jack Frost has adorned everything, all the way down to the small pine needles on the coniferous trees. Jack's creations sparkle like diamonds in the spotlight of the sun, brilliantly reflecting all the animated accoutrements of the season.

This is God's Country up here in the north, love it or leave it. I love it, I love the changing of the seasons here in mountain country, the fragrance of the awakening earth in the spring, life renewed, a miracle, rising from the once frozen, inhospitable frozen tundra, now responding to the warmth of sun induced spring temperatures. Tulips push their way up and blossom into magniflcent reflections of God's incredible creativity...narcissus send forth their incredible fragrance to sooth a winter weary northerner. Rhododendrons, Forsythias and Lilacs burst forth in fragrant, colorful blooms.

Soon, the warmth of summer arrives, the trees are now clothed in vibrant green, the lake becomes warm, welcoming and refreshing in the heat of summer. Anxious vacationers flock to the lakes and mountains to enjoy what the summer has to offer them by way of relaxation, fun and summer activities.

Then autumn, draped in her colorful array of unique beauty, a precursor to winter's chill, with warm days, cooler evenings, hopefully greeted by a warm and welcoming crackling fire.

I find the challenges and beauty of the seasons, here in the north, as mystical and magical even with the frozen mantel of winter. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!