Summerhawk Lakeside Cottage Rentals


This morning, I made my morning cup of coffee and took my regular seat in the comfortable rocking chair facing the lake, delighted with the show Mother Nature was providing for me.

The "Monsoons" had arrived during the night, it was pouring rain and there were wind gusts up to forty wind chimes were swinging frantically with the gusts singing out their delightful but urgent music to any who would listen.  The pine and birch tree branches were gesturing madly in the wind, their multiple stretched out arms waving in harmony with Mariah, who was dancing across the lake, leaving white capped waves in her wake.  It was mesmerizing. 

All of a sudden, from the right, there appreared a huge shadow, floating gracefully on the currrents of wind out over the water.  It dipped and rose effortlessy, in complete synchronization with the maelstrom.  It took a wide turn and floated, just outside the windows, right in front of me....wings spread to the maximum, must have been a five or six foot wing span.  I was stunned!  It was an adult eagle, magnificent and breathtaking!  It took a few turns, in gently decreasing spirals, then landed on "Bass Rock", directly in front of me, about fifty yards out into the lake. 

I reached for the binoculars, they weren't there.  I got up and quickly searched the living room, hoping my magical vision would remain until I found them...."Ah, Ha, here they are!"  I pressed them up against the glass of the back door to steady them, focused in and, voila, there he was, in all his glory, seemingly awaiting my return. 

His head was white with a fierce looking yellow, curved beak, wings were dark brown, folded in against his body, the tail was plumed with long white feathers, he was glorious.  I heard him shriek, again and again, as though he were calling for help for some reason, "Screeee, Screee...", continuously. 

After about 10 minutes, he suddenly lifted from "Bass Rock" and turned gracefully into the howling wind again, still crying out.  Entranced, and concerned, I watched him with the binoculars, it seemed he had a tether attached to his right claw.  The short white feathers down each of his legs, were bunched together, looking almost like thick fur stockings, and hanging from his right claw, there was something that appeared to be almost like leather tethers trailing behind. 

At first, I thought that he had caught a fish from the lake, thanks to my aging eyes that won't let me see as clearly now as they used to, even with the aid of the binoculars!  Ultimately I determined that it couldn't be a fish, as it seemed to be attached somehow to his right claw....was this what was distressing this magnificent raptor?? 

He swooped and glided in a huge circle, then again, in spiriling circles, landed in the center of "Bass Rock".  He was facing outward, but turned his head towards me, still calling out mournfully.  I felt distressed, as thought I should be doing something to aid this awe inspiring creature, but couldn't figure out what that could be. 

I watched this magnificent predator rise again from its perch, then float with the wind across the water and into the trees at the point of land jutting out into the lake across from the beach, where I lost sight of him. 

It was unsettling, I still wonder if this bird was in some kind of distress, however, it was also a wonderful show and one of the many reasons I love living up here in God's Country, on the very edge of Lake Wentworth!